Prayer Stand
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A wonderful way to bring the good news to the people in your community.
Everyone needs prayer. No one is offended by prayer. Christ promised where two or more gather in his name he would be in their midst. You will be amazed at how people respond, when you offer to pray for them.

Designed for year-round outdoor use. Always ready for any weather.
The Prayer Banner is viewable from every direction. Extends to over ten feet high. Literature carousel transforms into waterproof storage containers. Included tether makes it windproof. Small footprint. Go into the world with the gospel.
So simple every Born Again Christian can be involved.
Ministry at a Prayer Stand is easy. Simply ask people if they have any needs they would like you to pray for, then pray for those needs and share Jesus Christ. Start a dynamic ministry and see lives changed.
Portable. Three minute setup can bring an eternity of rejoicing.
Keep it in your trunk and use whenever you're around town and have some time to live. It's so easy to setup, one person can do it in 3 minutes. Learn more »

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The Prayer Stand Costs $495 plus $50 shipping/ handling. Tax free except New York residents.

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Learn more about the new Prayer Stand in this 7 minute video.

This video will help you understand how to use Prayer Stand Evangelism in your local community.
View this video and see the wonderful opportunities for world evangelism reaching people in NYC offers.
Learn how to easily swing your conversations with people to the most important issue: their relationship with God.

Prayer Stand
Outreach Map


Prayer Stands are now being used in:

State: Alabama (1), Indiana (5), Kansas (1), New York (2), New Jersey (2), North Carolina (4), Oklahoma (2), Ohio (1), Pennsylvania (2), South Carolina (1), Texas (1), and Virginia (1).

Country: Philippines (1)

Latest Prayer Stand News

PRAISE REPORT: Phil Sessa of Soulfishing Ministries stolen Prayer Station has been replaced! A thief stole his Rav4. Inside was his LCD projector, tracts, soulwinning training materials and his Prayer Station. He did not have the money to replace the Prayer Station. God has answered prayer and provided him with a new Prayer Stand. Thank you for praying.